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Michele Bachmann Finishes Fifth in County Where She Was Born

Author: Dan Bimrose
Published: January 05, 2012 at 5:35 am

In June 2011 Michele Bachmann declared her candidacy for the Presidency in an obvious location, the place of her birth, Waterloo, Iowa. Both Michele and God were excited that day.

Now let us fast forward to January 2012. The candidate with the titanium spine and who won the obviously insignificant Ames Straw poll finished a dismal fifth in the county of her birth, Black Hawk County.

The final results:

Paul - 870
Romney - 835
Santorum - 783
Gingrich - 596
Bachmann - 262
Perry - 259

If four more people had voted for Perry or 4 fewer for Bachmann, she would have finished 6th.

One of three candidates called by God, she was undoubtedly sent a clear message from her birth county, if not from God. The people have indeed spoken. They said, "go home."

Months of lies and rewrites of history were just too much. Perhaps if she could have managed to say Obamacare and socialism a little less and spoke the truth a little more the titanium spine would not have crumbled.

The next time she hears God speaking to her she may want to blame it on the burrito she ate for dinner or on the humble pie she ate on January 4th.

Black Hawk county figured out pretty quick who Michele Bachmann really is. What is taking the good people of Minnesota so long to figure out the same thing?


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