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Mr. President, Enough With The Stalinist Blather Please

Author: Leo the Spartan
Published: July 17, 2012 at 6:03 am

You have to wonder about the leadership of this country when you receive kudos from the likes of leaders like Fidel Castro and Vladimir Putin. I can state several more but is it a surprise that the only praise comes from dictators? Ones who have pillaged their countries at the expense of their respective peoples and all for the sake of some washed up and useless policy created by a parasite named Marx that is known as "Socialism". In case you didn't know, Marx lived off the generosity of others as he was basically lazy and useless. His family suffered at his expense but the idiot ideological rich still supported him as they do today with one of his disciples who will go unnamed for the moment.

This is almost as stupid as wearing a Che t-shirt. Most who do including and I speculate here for disclosure, more than half of the "Occupy Crowd" wore that silly shirt. To them he is a hero for God only knows why. To the countless thousands who live/lived in reality, he was a murderer plain and simple.

So our President is on the "Class Warfare Tour". It is beneath the dignity of the office he is entrusted with and besides it is a tired old song sung mostly by failed societies. Perhaps this is what our enemies cheer in our leader. He leads us down the path of destruction like the pied piper and the lemmings follow him off the cliff. Of course this should please Fidel and Kim,Jong whatever the new one is called as they just might benefit somehow.

I am tired of Bain Capital. It is meaningless and no more than a deflection to obscure true failed policies. Even CBS News, no right wing agency is tired of his words. Who wouldn't be? I suppose the envious, the jealous. It is just such a bore. He sounds like the old Politburo members stirring the pot. I personally find it demeaning and to be kind, less than inspirational let alone in the spirit of Americanism.

So he attacks success with venom. Poor Romney is being tarred and feathered for being a success. Not in my country. We still aspire to such heights where I come from and I will accept no such tripe as is being dispensed. It's funny how those who cheer the President don't have similar feelings towards similarly wealthy people who have a "D" in front of their names.

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