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New Yorker Magazine Performs Disservice for the American People

Author: Edmund Jenks
Published: October 21, 2012 at 9:46 am

The New Yorker Magazine still compares the 44th Presidency with the 43rd Presidency - President Obama needs to be able to be compared with his record. President George W. Bush and President-elect Barack Obama meet in the Oval Office of the White House Monday, November 10, 2008. Image Credit: Wikipedia

THE NEW YORKER ENDORSES OBAMA in a four-page editorial, "The Choice," by "The Editors," taking up the full "The Talk of the Town" space:

"Obama ... did not always prove particularly adept at, or engaged by, the arts of retail persuasion, and his dream of bipartisanship collided with the reality of obstructionism. Perhaps inevitably, the President has disappointed some of his most ardent supporters. Part of their disappointment is a reflection of the fantastical expectations that attached to him. ... But the reëlection of a President who has been progressive, competent, rational, decent, and, at times, visionary, is a serious matter. The President has achieved a run of ambitious legislative, social, and foreign-policy successes that relieved a large measure of the human suffering and national shame inflicted by the Bush Administration. Obama has renewed the honor of the office he holds. ...

"The Romney-Ryan ticket represents a constricted and backward-looking vision of America: the privatization of public good. ... The reëlection of Barack Obama is a matter of great urgency. Not only are we in broad agreement with his policy directions; we also see in him what is absent in Mitt Romney - a first-rate political temperament and a deep sense of fairness and integrity. A two-term Obama Administration will leave an enduringly positive imprint on political life. It will bolster the idea of good governance and a social vision that tempers individualism with a concern for community. Every Presidential election involves a contest over the idea of America. Obama's America - one that progresses, however falteringly, toward social justice, tolerance, and equality - represents the future that this country deserves."

Ignored in the four-page editorial, "The Choice," by "The Editors are the economic facts created by Obama Administration policies through the last four years:

The highlight of presidential townhall style debate was Romney’s thorough, two-minute dismantling of the Obama record on the economy after Obama gave a tepid defense of his awful record. Never has the case against Obama been made so eloquently:

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