No “Childish Spectacle” From The President

Author: A Mohit
Published: February 14, 2013 at 5:50 am

Justice Antonin Scalia thinks State of the Union is “a childish spectacle”, so being an adult he stays put. To be fair on him, he does not make any distinction between a Democratic and a Republican President, and he has been doing it for the 16th consecutive year now. In other words it is the 16th year that he had become an adult.

This year however , his action raised a question whether there was any element of gamesmanship in his action, since he aired it at the same time as the President’s speech. The talk was sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates and moderated by NPR's Nina Totenberg. The venerated judge made it clear that timing of his talk was mere coincidence, “I didn't set this up tonight just to upstage the president. The State of the Union is not something I mark on my calendar, like Easter or Yom Kippur.”

Okay, he did not mark the day in his calendar, but was he unaware of the event after all? Who is he kidding? It appears he still needs some growing up to do.

Being a very harsh critic of Obama for a long time, I, on the other hand enjoyed the Presidents “childish spectacle” very much, since he again demonstrated that he is the only adult in Washington who still is relevant. He was clearly in command establishing his goal for the 2nd term in his presidency.

President’s job is to provide a clear vision for the country going forward, and he articulated it time and again, demanding to raise minimum wage, bringing equal pay for women, instituting new gun legislations, immigration reforms, providing free pre-school facilities, among other long lists of meaningful apparitions.

The president’s one hour speech was packed with visionary proclamations, but his central focus was probing the frontier of technology and environmental concerns. Repeatedly he brought that theme back in his speech, and he deserves full credit for that.

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