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Obama Gets Rebound Kiss at USA B-Ball Game

Author: Stephen Alexander
Published: July 17, 2012 at 7:13 am

Obama Rebounds with a KissPresident Obama and his wife Michelle, the First Lady, fought the peer pressure to kiss on the Kiss Cam at the USA Basketball game last night. However, succumbing to the boos of the crowd and the urging of their daughter Malia, their lips embraced in a rare sight for the public.

The Kiss Cam is a fan-favorite at sporting events across the United States. It requires couples to embrace lips when their picture shows up on the screen.

Early in the game, the presidential couple resisted the peer pressure and declined to kiss. Some say the First Lady rebuked the president, while others say it was the President who was too shy to let it fly. Anyhow, the crowd went from cheers to jeers as the couple appeared on the screen and they failed to kiss.

However in the second half of the basketball game, the couple appeared once more on the Kiss Cam. This time the President made a rebound at the urging of his daughter, Malia. It appeared that Malia Obama mouthed the word "Now!" just before the kiss.

As the President extended an arm around his wife and pressed lips, the crowd cheered. After that kiss, the President followed up with a rebound kiss on Michelle's forehead. Vice-president Joe Biden was also in attendance at the game.


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