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Author: A Mohit
Published: March 12, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Being asked about western leaders record, Chomsky said that in many ways Obama is worse than Bush and Blair. To defend his view, Chomsky cited the case of Afghanistan where Obama has escalated the war, and in the case of Pakistan he has created a catastrophic situation that may be extremely harmful to rest of the world. He quoted from an article of Anatoly Lieven, an expert in the affairs of Pakistan, “British and American soldiers are dying in Afghanistan to make life more difficult for Britain and United States, namely because of the impact of the potential break up of Pakistan which has both huge number of nuclear weapons and radical Islamic developments, both of them supported by West.”

In the interview Paxman asked Chomsky pointedly, "how old are you?" Chomsky answered: 82. On that, Paxman threw the most audacious question to one the greatest men of conscience of our time, “why haven't you mellowed?"

Not a single muscle twitched on Chomsky's face, he remained poised and composed, and poignantly added, “Because I look at the world and there is too much things happening which should lead anyone to become indignant, outraged, active and simply engaged.”

While Chomsky does not want the US to get involved in Libya, Obama administration is itching to begin another war with a middle Eastern country. For millions of people at home, it is a very difficult time, they have lost their jobs, houses, and now are witnessing many social safety nets being abolished, which will push them ever more to the precipice.

Will American people ever wake up and ask Obama and his friends in the congress, where they will have the money to start a new war, when they do not have money to help the US taxpayers?


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