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Observations On The Fiscal Cliff Debacle

Author: Leo the Spartan
Published: December 27, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Are there any real leaders to be found in modern day Washington D.C. I say "Hell No". It does not matter which side of the political spectrum you tend to side with, you have to admit in all honesty that we have been sold down the river or been driven over the "Fiscal Cliff" if you will, by a band of rag tag, blow dried hair fraudsters. And at this point I sincerely mean one and all. We, the lemmings, have our IPhone's and vote for American idols and seem quite content. We are missing the charade being paraded before our eyes. And with a heavy cost no doubt.

Is this the wake up call? I doubt it as most are too busy to recognize what our "leaders' are up to. Ultimately it is we who pay the price and from where I sit, we should all be fuming at the actions or lack thereof on our behalf. All I hear is posturing and blame circulating.

Is this last minute stupidity really necessary? It seems our pols do this every year and take us to the brink. We deserve better than this. I believe a group of schoolchildren could agree on a satisfactory compromise. But we get squat as a result of the "statesmen" acting on our behalf. In the mean time most are found unaware of these activities save an occasional sound bite or two which usually is pitting one vs the other.

So join me in a cry for an across the board change in D.C. They are not worthy of working for us. They are haggling over a savings of $1 trillion over the next ten years. In the mean time, they will run an estimated $10 trillion of deficit spending in the same time frame. And so they quibble over peanuts while the boulders will be crushing us all. Is this leadership? Hell No.

President Obama's blue ribbon team of "Simpson-Bowles", came up with a plan that was widely hailed as a fair and balanced solution and approach. That was two years ago. The President proceeded to ignore and reject his blue ribbon boys. He seems to be averse to any spending cuts. True leadership wouldn't you say? Senate leader Harry Reid is at home asleep or when awake he is working over Speaker Boehner and the evil House while posing for any camera he can find. Speaker Boehner is as lost as the former two. It seems one side wants more taxes and the other less spending. Reminds me of Lite Beer from Miller.

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