Oregon Congressman David Wu: I'm Receiving Mental Health Treatment

Author: al dussault
Published: March 02, 2011 at 1:54 pm

In the Huffington Post on Tuesday Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) said Tuesday that he's receiving treatment following concern among his staff about his mental health. It seems that Mr. Wu's behavior began to be suspect by some of his staffers.

I am impressed with anyone in public office who risks his reputation to successfully take on demons that live within. Mental health parity has been difficult to achieve from the insurance companies, but that difficulty is exacerbated by public concerns that to receive mental health treatment somehow diminishes ones character.

We live in a world where independence is honored to a fault. The human animal is a social creature and unless he/she can successfully navigate the concerns of society he/she will not be able to live well in civilization.

However, one needs to be able to draw a line between mental health issues and issues that are pure an simple acts of greed or acts of narcissism. Naming yourself treasurer of your own political campaign might border, shall we say on the paranoid.

There is a world of difference with not being able to trust anyone and simply doing an action to advance one's own agenda.

In the variety of posts that followed the announcement of Mr. Wu seeking mental health treatment, you could see the lack of parity as a social issue. A number of people responded to the article by saying that they wish there could be some guarantee that Mr. Wu would not relapse. I don't think the issue would have been treated this way had he confessed to a physical problem...It is more difficult to garner sympathy for a condition that is frequently thought about as volutional.

By the way, not to confuse delusion with fun, Mr. Wu in the photo above is in a Halloween costume.


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