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President Obama Leads Both Republican Candidates by Double Digits

Author: Mrs. Smeej
Published: March 29, 2012 at 4:08 pm


A recent CNN poll shows President Obama with a comfortable lead over both of his likely Republican opponents. It may still be early for the rest of the nation, but members of the President's re-election campaign must be feeling heartened;

Current polling indicates Republicans would lose.
Either of their candidates - no matter which they choose -
Trails our current President... And by an awful lot.
Of the 2, however, Romney has the better shot.

Even so, his "negatives" have grown by leaps and bounds;
'cause the current narrative is that he shifts his grounds
Every time that voters do. He's down by more than 10.
Bet Obama's hoping that will carry over when

The election's down to 2; it's him against the right.
For, although Karl Rove is set to start a nasty fight
When, around September, voters really start to care
All these first impressions will be hanging in the air.

Right now only crazy people; me and, clearly, you
Give a damn at all what voters in primaries do.
Most don't pay attention; not until November's near
When, with any luck, Obama won't have much to fear.

I suspect that you don't have to watch the news channels to pick up on the Mitt Romney meme. Late night comedians do a great job of spreading it; as does the candidate himself.


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