Preventing Another Sandy Hook Requires an Open Mind

Author: Kim Bayne
Published: January 17, 2013 at 9:20 am

In the month since the tragic Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, the National Rifle Association of America's membership has reportedly increased by approximately 250,000 members. This has alarmed many people, some viewing it as a direct affront to the families of the Sandy Hook victims. The reported increase in sales of firearms since then has also fueled the fires of discontent and President Obama is under immense pressure to do something.

The public demand for action by the American Government was immediate. Many hypothesize that this event would not have happened, had the U.S. possessed stricter gun control laws. This is a typical progression in the aftermath of such a horrific crime. People want action. People want assurance that this will never happen again. The very act of engaging in a dialogue for reform and change is cathartic. Having a focus for anger and grief is a coping mechanism. How many people struggled to comprehend the extent of the loss at Sandy Hook? Gathering the inner strength to fight for a cause aids the healing process. Humans are not designed to sit idly by and accept what the world throws at us. We are innately programmed to question, seek solace and change our circumstances.

The consensus is clear across America and the world. This was a phenomenal tragedy. There are no adequate words to describe the magnitude of grief this event has caused. It is the unquestionable right of every citizen to feel safe in their towns and to expect that when they send their child to a public school, that they will be able to pick them up at the end of the day unharmed. It is the right of every child to grow up. It is also the right of the citizens of a democratic nation to expect that their Government will protect its citizens.

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