Private Prison Exec Says It Is OK To Lie To ICE

Author: Tim Paynter
Published: December 07, 2012 at 5:42 am

In an incredible admission, a high level employee of a prison for profit company, states under oath it would not be wrong to give false testimony to a federal agency, presumably the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE, who as part of the Department of Homeland Security, have placed themselves in charge of the safety of our nation.

Thomas Wierdsna, a high ranking executive with GEO Group, Inc., which charges the federal government $165 a day to house immigrants, is accused of using his position with GEO to pressure his daughter-in-law to remain quiet about the spousal abuse which Thomas' son, Charles, used to terrorize his wife.

"You would agree it is wrong to give false testimony against somebody," the wife's attorney, John Pineau, asked Thomas Wierdsna while Wierdsna was under oath during a deposition. The senior executive for development for one the largest private prison organizations in the world had to think about the answer for over 11 seconds before he could reply.

"Ahhh. ........... Yes," Wierdsna finally said, as if it were one of the toughest math questions he had ever been asked.

"Similarly, it would be wrong to give false testimony to a federal agnency," Pineau pressed. Wierdsna stands accused of violating a court order restraining Charles or anyone through Charles, from contacting or intimidating Charles' ex wife. That question was a no brainer for the high level officer of GEO Group. He had the answer in a short four seconds.

"No. Happens all the time," Thomas Wierdsna replied, smugly.

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