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Rick Sanchez And The Vast Left-Wing Jewish Media Cabal (Including Me) - Page 2

Author: Benjamin Wendell
Published: October 06, 2010 at 6:12 pm

So it was last week when CNN's Rick Sanchez decided to commit professional suicide on a radio talk show by promoting the theory that all his personal problems stemmed from Jews running not only CNN, but all the media. The really ridiculous thing is that Rick Sanchez almost certainly didn't believe what he himself was saying. Sanchez mainly was just pissed at Jon Stewart for mocking him on The Daily Show.

Now even Jon Stewart is suggesting that maybe CNN acted in haste by immediately firing Sanchez, suggesting tongue-in-cheek that if Sanchez apologizes, we Jews will rehire him. In a somewhat bizarre essay, no less than the dying Christopher Hitchens seems to suggest that Sanchez was doing no more than saying what everyone knows to be true anyway.

So the media is controlled by a liberal Jewish cabal...no one sent me my membership card. I'm a little pissed myself. I suppose the question here is what really constitutes racism in post-Obama America. Do I qualify because of my Muslim jokes above or the placement of "uppity" in a sentence about prejudice against blacks? Have we taken things just a little too far, over-sensitivity wise? I'm just asking.


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