Romney Hits Obama on Unemployment; Offers No Alternative Plans

Author: Dawn Lee
Published: June 11, 2012 at 7:15 am

Romney Hits Obama on Unemployment; Offers No Alternative Plans

“It has become clear that this president simply doesn’t understand or appreciate these fundamental truths of our economic system.”

This is what Mitt Romney, Republican presidential hopeful, has to say about the Obama administration’s post-recession performance. He points out that the current administration’s attempts at heavy-handed regulation have failed and that less government intrusion coupled with bolstering free enterprise ideas is the only way for our country’s economy to get back on track.

Romney also goes on to cite that record numbers of Americans are underemployed, unemployed or have simply given up looking for jobs altogether. He then goes on to cite 46 million Americans living under the poverty line, and that the Obama administration’s handling is to blame for everything wrong with our country.

The Obama camp, however, is quick to hit back.

“All he has offered to date are negative and dishonest speeches tearing down President Obama,” says Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith. Romney also conveniently fails to add that most of job losses that caused America’s unemployed ranks to swell occurred right when Obama had entered office and right before he could implement his economic policies.

While championing the cause of entrepreneurs, Romney has also conveniently forgotten to address the plight of those who can’t put food on their table right here, right now. He avoids the tough decisions of supporting people who have lost their jobs and instead points to “economic freedom” as the panacea to America’s woes.

Indeed, Romney does have a point. Business can only thrive if it is free, but we have given that freedom (and so much more) back in the pre-recession era. What we got was the subprime mortgaging fiasco that sunk our economy. We also face a second potential recession caused by student loan debt, which have laws protecting student loan lenders from bankruptcy claims.

And let’s not forget that unemployment and underemployment won’t magically go away by cutting the aid that the Obama administration has extended. At least the current administration is doing what it can to help those hit hardest by the recession, not sweeping the problem under the rug in a bout of self-righteous frenzy.

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