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Romney Is In Trouble

Author: Dan Bimrose
Published: January 04, 2012 at 5:26 am

The common consensus before the Iowa caucuses was that as long as Romney finished ahead of Perry and Gingrich then it could be considered a victory for him. As the night wore on I began to have my doubts as to whether or not this is true.

The apparent loss of the candidate Rick Perry will mean the pick-up of perhaps a sizeable percentage of votes for the new Evangelical right front runner Rick Santorum. Romney will get the smallest percentage of those votes.

New Gingrich’s speech was full of revelations. Gingrich demonstrated great affection for Rick Santorum and great animosity for Mitt Romney. Even if at one point he truly did care more about being President than selling books he now seems to have a higher cause and that is making sure that Romney does not become the candidate.

Gingrich will indeed go to New Hampshire and fight. It is personal for him now. If Santorum’s numbers continue to improve and Gingrich does not come as close as he wants to Romney he will not hesitate to send his supporters to the Santorum camp before the South Carolina primary.

The South Carolina of Senator Jim DeMint will find Santorum attractive. Job one for Santorum is to earn the Jim DeMint endorsement and this will not be difficult.

Before the results were tabulated in Iowa, Santorum gave what I think was an effective speech. He demonstrated once again that he is the one Republican candidate willing and able to talk to middle class voters.

This race will not end in South Carolina. We must now look to Florida at the very least to determine the Republican nominee. The south will fall in love with Rick Santorum. If Rick Santorum can eke out a win in South Carolina and Florida then this will be a long race. Romney will win February and then the real fight begins.

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