Scott Walker’s Recall Victory: A Lesson To Canadian Prime Minister Harper

Author: Michel A. Bell
Published: June 08, 2012 at 7:06 am

Should a leader test her principles with polls, and then try to find a compromise before acting? Alternatively, should the leader act on what she believes to be in the best interest of the state or country? Scott Walker won a mandate to lead and to fix the state’s broken economy; that’s what he did, and the people not only vindicated his leadership, but strengthened it, to boot.

Naturally, we should expect unions, the liberal media, students and the left to complain when their entitlement source is threatened. That’s what they did in Wisconsin; they fought to hold on to their “rights,” ignoring the Governor’s message. Happily, their response did not deter Scott Walker and his colleagues, who carried out their plan to solve the state’s financial woes. Today, the state is headed in the opposite, but fiscally more responsible direction. This is a great victory for conservatives, and for the Tea Party.

Liberals like to stress compromise as a solution, forgetting that frequently, it merely worsens the status quo. Public sector workers’ compensation and benefits needed urgent attention; fiscal discipline was imperative, not compromise. Leaders elsewhere, like Canadian Prime Minister Harper, could learn from this decision.

Canadians and Americans face similar problems. Canada’s public sector workforce and its compensation and benefits are out of control. Prime Minister Harper, theoretically a fiscal conservative, expanded the public sector by about 32,000 in five years, but understands now he must contract it. However, his major plans include cutting back the workforce over three years to 20,000 employees more than when he took office; some achievement for a fiscal conservative! .

Unlike Scott Walker, Harper does not lead by conviction. Instead, he seems to be afraid to face potentially divisive issues; no doubt, he hopes if he does nothing, the matter will disappear. He has avoided our need for an abortion law, consistently. Canada is the only developed country with no abortion law. A baby can be killed just before it comes out of the mother's womb.

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