Feature: Election 2012

Settling for White House Clowns

Author: Scott Gulbransen
Published: February 25, 2012 at 12:00 pm

The old adage “you get the government you deserve,” is never more true than right now in the United States of America.

A nation pretty much divided down the middle about which direction we should take, we continue to let the mille-mouthed snake oil salesman we call our elected officials get a free pass while the ruin our Republic. They continue to strip our democracy from the inside and the consumerist masses just remain numb to the damage being done.

Who cares if our freedoms are being limited when I have a sweet iPad. Or what about my 62-inch LCD to watch the big game? That sweet new Mercedes makes me the talk of the block, so who cares if we’re bankrupt?

The existing pool of Republican buffoons (yes, even Ron Paul is a buffoon) will not unseat one of the most destructive presidents in the nation’s history. When Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are battling it out, it’s not hard to see Obama will get a pass in 2012 – even though he’s accomplished very little. There is no alternative exciting the masses. We’re stuck with this community organizer another 4 years.

Most of us don’t see this because we’re obsessed with sex, money and drugs. Society is so lost in the crap it produces, there is no one minding the chicken coop while the fox enjoys a massive meal on the chickens. Hey, you have online porn and all those gadgets so who needs to worry about politicians.

The entitlement mentality we see throughout American culture has permeated every institution, every race, every culture, every economic tier of our society. It’s really rather sickening.

Republicans and Democrats continue the fight over who will oversee the destruction of our democracy. I refuse to participate. They’re both full of it so when many of you take sides from a party perspective, it makes me laugh. Do we honestly think both sides aren’t corrupted by the money in politics? Do both sides think these bumper sticker platitudes are going to really help us make progress on jobs, poverty or our other problems?

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