Stop Obama Worship, Progressives

Author: A Mohit
Published: December 21, 2012 at 5:30 am

What’s wrong with you guys who call yourselves “Progressives?” How did you lose your minds?

Barack Obama, who was just reelected, thanks to the unprecedented ground support from the left, and contribution of millions of ordinary people, have just proposed to sell out his supporters, exactly as I had written in Obama Is About To Sell Out Ordinary Americans a few weeks back.

Patrick Martin wrote, “Obama has publicly proposed to cut future benefits for Social Security recipients, underlining the bipartisan agreement that the working class and the elderly, not Wall Street or the super-rich, must pay for the crisis of American capitalism.”

Mark Marein's words, Obama wants “working class and the elderly” to pay for the crisis of American capitalism and not “Wall Street or the super-rich.” Why does Obama want this?

Because Obama is a savior of Wall Street—just check out how he has surrounded himself with agents of Wall Street from day one—tax dodger Tim Geithner and his kinds.

American people had given Obama such a strong hand that all he had to do is tell Boehner, “Either take my offer or take a hike.” Boehner has no chips in his hand. He is not in a position to play games. Tax is going up on his friends come 2013, If he gets just a few crumbs for his poor-rich friends that’s his net gain.

Yet, Obama is bowing down even before he shows slightest fight! He is so eager to destroy Social Security, which even Roland Reagan refused to touch, declaring that Social Security had no contribution in national debt.

What an opportune politician Barack Obama is!


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