Feature: Election 2012

Superhero Comic Painted Both Candidates as Supervillains

Author: A. David Lewis
Published: November 22, 2012 at 6:05 am

For the 2012 Presidential election, there was the popular vote, the electoral college, and, apparently, the superhero vote.

Spawn #225, copyright Image ComicsThe November issue of the superhero series Spawn was released with two editions: One with the red cover banner stating “Romney Wins!” and another with instead a blue header stating “Obama Wins!” Both versions of issue #225 were available to buyers for $2.99 and, besides those cover adornments, only different in the content of their final page.

At the conclusion of either issue, Spawn’s nemesis, the manipulative Jason Wynn, reveals that his machinations reach all the way up the governmental hierarchy, even to the highest office in the land. The amnesiac Spawn is mocked on election night by Wynn, who claims that the would-be hero was previously a co-conspirator in his schemes:

"I remember how you used to laugh behind their backs — at how easily they traded their integrity for a chance to be close to the action. And tonight…the culmination of all that planning finally bears fruit."

The only differences between the two versions of this issue are the face on the television monitors and the text of the last word balloon. For the red-bannered Romney-version, it shows the former Governor on the screen, with Wynn concluding, “The final piece has just been put in place and the Romney camp was always more than willing to join us.” The blue-striped Obama-version shows the reelected President instead, with the word “Romney” being replaced by “Obama” in Wynn’s dialogue.

Depending on which version a buyer purchased, the issue either ends with the caption box Next: America Turns Red or Next: America Turns Blue, depending on which candidate is shown to have won. That is, whoever won on election night became a willing part of Wynn’s sinister plans. As it turns out, Spawn will be opposing, seemingly, an Obama-supported Wynn plot.

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