Tea Party Community, an Unsocial Facebook Rival?

Author: Steve Woods
Published: February 03, 2013 at 7:55 am

“It’s a new home for conservatives and the Tea Party movement in America,” said co-founder Ken Crow in an interview with Fox News. “It’s a social community just for them.”

Citing "liberal censorship", conservative-minded social networkers are tentatively testing the waters at a new social network build just for them — the Tea Party Community. Tim Selaty Sr. and his son Tim, Jr. partnered with Crow to launch the niche network this past November, calling it a “safe haven for the conservative movement where we can share ideas and thoughts and express ourselves without fear of retribution.”

Crow says that he and many of his friends have had their accounts suspended on Facebook and other sites for sharing their conservative leanings. Crow and others believe that the social giant is going out of its way to target outspoken conservatives, and members are shutting down their accounts by taking advantage of Facebook algorithms.

According to the site's About page, the Tea Party Community is only looking for like-minded individuals to join:

We encourage all conservatives to join the new community and enjoy all the familiarity of Facebook, without all the restrictions. We also welcome any/all factions of the Tea Party and conservative movement to join us here, and establish their presence. Upgraded and special privileged accounts are available for large conservative groups and non-profit organizations.

In other words: Progressive voices are not welcomed here.

Popular conservative commentator Jan Morgan, who is vocal on gun rights issues and has often shared images of herself holding assault rifles, is glad Tea Party Community exists.

“I think Facebook needs some competition,” Morgan recently told Fox News. “I know that when I go (to the Tea Party Community) and make a post it won’t be censored. It’s not going to be deleted. It has a long way to go as far as building up followers, but it does give us an alternative.”

Despite the censorship concerns and belief in non-deletion of comments, a quick peek at the Tea Party Community's privacy policy shows an inherent ability to single-handedly delete commentary, just as Facebook and other social networks reserve for themselves:

You understand and agree that we may review and delete any content that you include in your profile or otherwise post on any area of the website (which may include deleting your entire profile) that we, in our sole judgment, believe (1) violates this Agreement, (2) might be offensive or illegal or (3) might violate the rights of, harm or threaten the safety of any other Member.
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