The Employment Quandary – It’s Not Just Political

Author: JoAnn Corley
Published: October 08, 2011 at 5:06 pm

Ok, certainly it is not news that there is a fundamental economic recalibration occurring globally. It’s being reported every day in a variety of ways. We also know that included in the ripple effect of that is the impact on jobs; not only the types of jobs, but amounts.

In my role as a national employee training specialist, I have an on the ground, real-time view of this impact and I am here to tell you that fixing it (or realistically, effectively addressing it) has little to do with politics. The challenges we face are more social and local and yet are being made political.

Here’s an example. I was having a conversation with a potential client regarding presenting at a leadership retreat. We were discussing the variety of challenges she is facing in her role of less than 1 year in which she’s encountered significant dysfunction in management and low skilled team members.

As an example, in several cases those employed as administrative assistance did not know how to properly write a business letter, let alone use decent grammar and sentence structure. (Some might consider this minor, but after all this is a higher education institution.)

She continued to share behaviors and practices that frankly just made my head hurt. Of course, I had to candidly ask her why she was torturing herself by still being there. Her answer is for another article.

My response to her was, “Now there are millions of unemployed, talented folks that could fill those jobs.” She then informed me she had indeed fired a few and after placing an ad received a nominal amount of qualified prospects. Some dressed, by the way, as if there were applying for a stripper position.

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