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The Establishment GOP is Dead and that is a Good Thing

Author: Scott Gulbransen
Published: November 07, 2012 at 6:26 am

Last night’s gift of a second term for Barack Obama was a given. How can any of my fellow Conservatives be surprised?

For the past 20 years, we’ve been spoon-fed a load of bull from a set of Neconservative henchmen bent on only one thing: perpetuating a ruling elite far from the Founders vision of what America is and should be.

The fact that Mitt Romney won the GOP nomination in the first place made this result inevitable. A vulnerable, weak and leadership-lacking sitting President – overseeing a stagnant economy – sailed right back to the White House because the Republicans have no ideas. They have no vision for future America and they're quickly shrinking their own base by missing the changing face of the country.

After the result became evident last night, despite the incessant ramblings of Karl Rove on Fox News who failed to grasp reality, misguided Conservatives, still bought into the load of bunk the establishment GOP is selling. They quickly turned their anger, sadness and disappointment at the media and the “stupid” voter. I get the visceral reaction but the anger is misplaced and doesn’t help the cause moving forward.

There is no doubt the mainstream media – on the left and right – openly campaigned for their candidate and also failed to cover key questions the American voter should have had answered. The media is truly dead; the veil of objectivism has been lifted. Ninety-percent of the media (that skews left or far-left) was complicit in covering up and hiding President Obama’s shortcomings. The only shortcomings they didn’t try and hide were those they simply couldn’t. Otherwise, they were an extension of the Obama campaign.

Even in the midst of victory last night, MSNBC (which a recent survey branded as the most biased of all the television networks) blowhard Chris Matthews actually thanked God for Hurricane Sandy. His hypothesis: it helped Obama win and derailed any momentum Romney may have had. What a sick, sick human being.

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