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University of Colorado Trying to Stop Guns in Dorms

Author: Robert Weller
Published: August 18, 2012 at 7:19 am

Yes, Colorado was the site a month ago of the murder of 12 theater-goers. And yes, the killer was a CU student. And yes, his guns were legally registered.
It is also true that there have been two other mass shootings in Colorado, including Columbine High School.

Thirty-two died at a copycat similar shooting at Virginia Tech.

So why should there be any question about the school’s right to bar weapons on campus?

Because of gun rights in all but one state that that guarantee a permit holder the right to conceal and carry in almost all locations. Colorado’s Supreme

Court upheld that right.

That left CU to find a legal way to keep guns out of dorms, certainly an excellent target for someone intent on mass murder.

“I believe we have taken reasonable steps to adhere to the ruling of the Colorado Supreme Court, while balancing that with the priority of providing a safe environment for our students, faculty and staff,” said CU Boulder Chancellor Philip P. Stefano.

That raises two questions. First, gun proponents say killers will ignore rulers. Although at the same time, most guns used in a growing number of multiple-killings around the nation were legal.

That leads gun proponents reaffirm that laws won’t stop the killings.

If the argument that laws do not permit all crimes were applied to other issues, and marijuana is a prime example, then it would be made legal.

The university’s attempt to get around the Colorado Supreme Court ruling is to say anyone with a concealed permit will not be eligible to stay in a form, unless agreeing to leave the gun behind.

The university is even offering gun holders the right to stay in the small amount of individual housing, on an as available basis, if they want to keep their guns,

Or they can store them with campus police.

Gun proponents have already said they are looking at a fresh lawsuit to test these rules.

The gun supporters’ main argument, other than they should be able to carry weapons ad infinitum, is that if more people were packing then they would intervene and stop massacres or at least the death toll. That hasn’t happened. The only successful interventions have been by police.


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