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Wake Up Gov. Moonbeam! Have You Learned Nothing?

Author: Leo the Spartan
Published: May 29, 2012 at 5:21 pm

My Dearest Governor Brown. I would have thought after countless decades in politics and elective office you might have learned a bit about economics. I find you to be a not unreasonable man and I know you have the brain power to follow through on positive policies.

Yet I have been watching you since you took over our wonderful State yet again and it leaves me dismayed. I know you know better. What is the problem? Is your party so beholden to various special interest groups that you simply can not do the right thing for the good of the State? You must bow to their respective altars? You must pay them back if you will? You must kiss their rings? So as to not appear to be seeking out only you Mr. Governor let me add in this little caveat..the other side does the same thing! As a business person however I find the other side hurts us all a little less in who they worship.

I bring this up as you recently stated that tax hikes are the only way out of this mess. As you yourself plainly stated the deficit is double your original plan. You wonder why? The so called rich have been leaving the state and with them their respective businesses.

This is nothing new and I have to believe you personally know it. Although the State Senate is full of incompetents who do not, I know you know different. Recently the Senate sent a delegation to Texas to see what they did vs. what California does and why they thrive and we stagnate. I could have saved them the time and explained it to them but a junket is a junket. Simply put Texas has a simple regulatory climate and a great tax system. A natural magnet for business.Yet upon their return from this junket our leaders concluded they had learned nothing. All the pity to those suffering which voted for these clowns.

It reminds me of a classic song you will likely remember by the group Ten Years After. "Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are rich no more". Sound like our State? It definitely is happening as has happened in New York and New Jersey. The two other States that tax the bejesus out of its citizens.

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