Why The Taliban Are Not Our Friends

Author: Jay Donovan
Published: December 21, 2011 at 5:30 am

Vice President Joseph Biden has declared in an interview with Newweek that the Taliban “per se” is not the enemy.

I respectfully beg to differ, Mr. Vice President. I do not pretend to understand the nuances and politically proper dances that are performed in peace negotiations but I do understand that if someone points a gun at me and shoots, I am not going to wrap them up in a brotherly embrace and invite them in for coffee.

The Taliban practice an extreme Muslim doctrine base on Sharia law. Women are not allowed to leave their homes, for instance, if a “legal male” does not accompany them. Women are not allowed to hold employment of any kind even if they do not have a male to offer them support.

Dress for both male and female is strictly enforced and schools with children who are being taught more mainstream values are burned down and in some instances the children are killed.

The Taliban harbored and encouraged Al Qaeda and that terrorist organization carried out one of the most horrific attacks in United States history. 3000 dead would beg to disagree with you, Mr. Vice President.

The Taliban is not our enemy? The Taliban are an enemy of our constitution; a doctrine that guarantees rights to all of its citizens. That guarantee includes women, men, children of all races and religions. The Taliban are extreme practitioners of intolerance while our Constitution encourages tolerance.

For over 200 years our soldiers have gone to wars and fought for our right to constitutional freedoms that we enjoy today. Just go to Arlington Cemetery and have a look. Mourn for our crying dead.

It is an insult and a mockery to our Constitution to step forward and declare that a group who violently fights against this country is not an enemy. I am happy that we pulled troops from Iraq. I am happy that there are ongoing peace talks in Afghanistan but why does the United States have to sacrifice its Constitutional principles?

We should learn from history. Conquering by force does not always accomplish intended goals but war is a tragic moment of human sacrifice. We must accept that sad fact. Men,women and some children have died to uphold the values of our constitution. Befriending a regime that most assuredly will turn on us sometime down the road is most one of the most foolish moments in our history.


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