Witnessing the Demise of the GOP

Author: Michelle Blowers
Published: March 04, 2012 at 4:46 am


The GOP will loose in November, 2012 and they deserve to do so.

The Republican Party has been hijacked by the extremists and the failure of the establishment, moderate wing of the party to control this fanatical wing has brought on its' demise.

The GOP thought it could harness the energy of the Tea Party, the closet racists and the fanatical anti-abortionists whose one common thread is a loathing for Democrats in general and President Obama in particular.

The 2010 elections brought in a wave of ideological right wingers who immediately set to work on passing legislation dealing with their pet obsessions.

Immigration fears led to to extreme 'Papers Please' laws in six states.

A flood of anti-abortion legislation has been passed in dozens of states.

Irrational fears of a Muslim takeover has led to proposed legislation  banning Sharia Law in twenty states.

Ultra Conservative state houses have proposed an avalanche of anti-union laws which primarily target public employees, including teachers, firefighters and police officers.

They have stoked imaginary fears of voter fraud in order to pass legislation designed to suppress votes among Democratic leaning groups.

Currently their attack is on womens' health care and in typical fashion have taken the issue to the illogical extreme. Right wing talk radio has compared women who use birth control to prostitutes and the silence of the Republican party is shocking.

Despite this flurry of legislation they have failed to do the job they were elected to do. Most were swept into office on promises to deal with jobs and the economy but their record on this issue is pathetic.

A few years ago there was an outcry for moderate Muslims to speak out against the extremists who were tarnishing the image of the peaceful majority.  Where is the outcry for voices of moderation within the GOP? Where have the reasonable Republicans gone? They have left office or cower in silence at the power of right wing TV and talk radio.

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