Brand Digital Messaging: Going Social

Brand Digital Messaging: Going Social


Brands’ digital messaging has gone social. More than 90 percent of brands surveyed for the Technorati Media Digital Influence Report stated they have a presence on Facebook. It’s nearly as high for Twitter (85%) and YouTube (73%). Google+ wasn’t as popular with brands, with only 26 percent of brand managers reporting a presence on that service.

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We see that brands are spending the largest parts (nearly 75 percent) of their digital budget on display advertising, search and producing video. Spending on social, including influencer outreach, makes up only 10 percent of brands’ digital marketing spend.

Of that social budget, more than half goes to Facebook. YouTube and Twitter each get 13 percent, while just under six percent is spent on influencers and a just over five and a half percent advertising on blogs.


Brand managers report an expected increase in budgets for digital marketing in the upcoming year. Mobile spend is expected to increase for 79 percent of brands surveyed, while social and video tie at 59 percent of brands expected to spend in those two areas. Of the new budgets, the biggest increases are going to display (73% more funding) and search (52% more funding). Social and mobile make up the second tier of expected increases, each category getting a 37 percent larger budget.  Only 3 percent of brands say they expect to decrease social spending.

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More than half of brands say they have earned media goals, and that those goals fall in the categories of Facebook likes/fans, website traffic, Twitter followers and landing page visits. In terms of measuring their campaigns, brands report that success is defined as increased activity and traffic on Facebook, Twitter and on their websites. Spend is not necessarily commensurate with the areas in which the consumer impact is greatest, however (e.g. spending on Facebook ads trumped spending on blogs).



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Sixty-five percent of brands participate in influencer-based marketing and when it comes to selecting which influencers to work with, brands are using metrics like comScore and Nielsen indices, Twitter and Facebook following, and basic blog statistics.





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