Creating Influence

Creating Influence


Blog861-300x233Influencers are most active on blogs, as 86 percent say they have them and 88 percent of those say they blog for themselves. Blogging is the primary publishing tool, and about a third of influencers say they have been blogging for five or more years. Most bloggers (52%) operate two to five blogs, while 43 percent run just one. Only 5 percent of bloggers operate six or more blogs.



The primary method for bloggers is text (86%), but photos and microblogging (like Twitter) come in at 38 percent and 31 percent, respectively. Only 10 percent of bloggers use video as their primary method, and less than that (4%) prefers audio.


When it came to type of content published the most, editorials were a clear leader among influencers, either their own original content (74%) or links to others’ articles (38%), making up the majority of blogging content.


About one-third of bloggers have been at it for more than five years. They also say that other bloggers are very influential (18%) when it comes to choosing their own content to publish.




Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social platforms for bloggers, which are the same platforms that generate the majority of blog referrals and shares. Facebook and Twitter are also the top platforms from which bloggers are generating revenue.

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When it comes to measuring their own success, blog/website page views rank highest (52%) among influencers. Social following (Facebook likes, Twitter followers) and user interactions (comments) also rate high among influencers. When it comes to sizing up their peers, Facebook likes and Twitter followers have the attention of influencers.



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