Influencers & Revenue

Influencers & Revenue


InfluencerRevenue1-300x202Nearly two-thirds of influencers say they make money from blogging, but more than 80 percent say it’s less than $10,000 per year. Only 11 percent of bloggers report making more than $30,000 per year.



Most bloggers’ reported income was a result of advertising (61% banner, 51% text). Affiliate programs (41%), sponsored content (24%), sponsored product reviews (19%) also were top earning methods.



Nearly half of influencers report having been paid for a sponsored post or article, while ecommerce, affiliate links, banners, text ads, brand-sponsored content and product reviews are all listed among desired revenue methods by influencers. Interstitials (full-page ads that appear after a user clicks on a link, but before the user gets to the content) and roadblocks are among revenue opportunities in which influencers are the least willing to participate.


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