Research: YouTube beats Facebook with consumers

Research: YouTube beats Facebook with consumers


Are you producing enough video? If you want to get your product or service in front of consumers these days, you may want to think about doing more.

When it comes to online sites and services consumers use most, YouTube was the top choice, according to highlights coming from Technorati Media’s 2013 Digital Influence Report (full report due Feb. 4, 2013).

Nearly 80 percent of participants reported that they use YouTube, ahead of all other social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. YouTube was also named the most trusted source of information by 29 percent of consumers – the fourth highest selection.

“YouTube, and video in general, allows its users to see the action, to see someone using a product they might be thinking about buying,” Technorati Media CEO Shani Higgins said. “Consumers trust what they can see, and they trust people who have used the products they’re looking into.”

The new data could indicate that consumers are more willing to watch videos about potential purchases now more than ever before. Beyond making sure to have a presence on YouTube, both brands and influencers can do more to make sure their videos are seen.

Brands are planning just that, as YouTube is their third-most used social service and 59 percent of brand managers say their companies are planning to increase video budgets in the year ahead – many by as much as 30 percent.

Those increases should be welcomed, as 22 percent of influencers and consumers say that brands don’t post enough on YouTube.

There is also room for video growth among influencers, as 12 percent say they gain revenue from their video production, but only 7 percent say they post at least one video per week.

Since 2004, Technorati Media’s annual report has followed growth and trends in the business of digital influence. This year, more than 7,500 overall users participated. Of those, more than 1,200 took part in the consumer survey; more than 6,500 took part in the influencer survey; and representatives from 150 brands participated.

A full version of the report will be released Feb. 4. To sign up to be alerted as soon as it’s ready, click here.

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Technorati Media asked consumers …

What online sites/services do you use?
YouTube 80%
Facebook 74%
Retail sites (Amazon, Walmart) 50%
Google+ 47%
Blogs 45%
Online news sites 36%
Twitter 34%
Groups/Forums 31%
LinkedIn 24%
Pinterest 21%
Brand sites (like Honda, Sony) 19%
Online magazines (like People, Motor Trend) 15%
Instagram 12%

What are your most trusted information sources?
Online news sites (NY Times, CNN) 51%
Facebook 32%
Retail sites (Amazon, Walmart) 31%
YouTube 29%
Blogs 29%
Google+ 26%
Groups/Forums 24%
Online magazines (People, Motor Trend) 22%
Brand websites (Honda, Nike) 21%
Twitter 15%

What do you think about brands’ posting to YouTube?
Far too frequently        14%
Somewhat too frequently    18%
About right            46%
Somewhat too infrequently    17%
Far too infrequently        5%

Technorati Media asked brand managers …

What online sites/services do you use?
Facebook    91%
Twitter        85%
YouTube    73%
Pinterest    41%
LinkedIn    33%
Blogs        32%
Instagram    29%
Google+    26%

Technorati Media asked influencers …

What do you think about brands’ posting to YouTube?
Far too frequently        11%
Somewhat too frequently    13%
About right            54%
Somewhat too infrequently    17%
Far too infrequently        5%

Describe your use on these social platforms.

Have Account 1+ Post/Wk Most Referrals Most Shares Revenue
Facebook 92% 83% 45% 40% 42%
Twitter 88% 71% 35% 33% 31%
LinkedIn 76% 27% 8% 7% 16%
YouTube 74% 7% 3% 3% 12%
Google+ 74% 26% 3% 5% 10%
Pinterest 50% 18% 2% 3% 3%
Instagram 37% 14% 1% 1% 1%
StumbleUpon 32% 6% 0% 1% 1%
Foursquare 28% 11% 0% 0% 1%
Tumblr 27% 9% 1% 1% 1%
Myspace 20% 2% 0% 0% 1%
Quora 16% 1% 0% 0% 0%
Other 17% 1% 0% 0% 7%
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