Rovion Ad Management Platform’s No Code Cloud Solution

Rovion Ad Management Platform’s No Code Cloud Solution

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Local Corporation’s Rovion Ad Management Platform is a cloud-based solution that enables a marketing novice to create and publish original rich media ads without code or the Adobe Flash® authoring software. Let’s face it, many of us are extremely creative, but not all that technical. The company’s platform levels the playing field, allowing creative people to quickly and cost-effectively produce rich media advertisements. By eliminating Flash development and leveraging HTML5 tools, Rovion’s platform enables delivery of rich media ads to iOS enabled mobile devices.

And these aren’t just template ads with clip art images of a plumber, a puddle of shimmering water on the floor, and monkey wrench. Local Corporation is presenting a demo of the platform at ad:tech San Francisco this week that includes web video integration. This is attractive for SMBs who want to take advantage of new marketing channels, like the red-hot video landscape, and the technology to create cost-effective ads before reserved for deep-pocket agencies. Said Local Corporation’s Michael Sawtell, “Four hours for an SMB to create an ad? That’s ridiculous.” He’s right; it’s just not practical for a small business with limited resources. I’d be hard pressed to go on and get someone to do it at the price-point and richness this technology can.

What’s particularly new to the ad platform this year is its integration with other key data points. Because of Local Corporation’s vast reach, the company has equally vast data on shopping behaviors, patterns, and consumer behavior. This information is now tied into the ad platform to deliver rich media ad units that incorporate local product and shopping data for marketers. Systematic integration of things like dynamic information on pricing, retailer sales, and product details, give marketers an instant advantage over having to research and interpret such data elsewhere.

So, what else is in the works? I asked David Simon, Vice-President of Ad Solutions at Local Corporation. “Most agencies large and small harness the power of a flexible workforce, so getting everyone to collaborate on a project makes the work better and shortens the production cycle.” Because Local’s ad system is inherently cloud-based, is the very leverage point that allows it to tap into many separate users. Soon the product will include collaborative and editorial features enabling creative teams to quickly produce advertising products.

You can visit Local Corporation at ad:tech San Francisco at booth #1609. More on the company’s ad technology can be found here.