S. America Data: 30% Retention Increase in Mobile Rich Media

S. America Data: 30% Retention Increase in Mobile Rich Media

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Mobile penetration in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Chile exceeds 100%. Followed by Peru and Mexico with 99% and 89% respectively.

Mobile device users are looking more and more for brands that engage and interact with them in their preferred format. And rich media advertising is generating the type of interaction between user and brand that’s dwarfing traditional advertising formats.

Not surprisingly, the performance of rich media mobile advertising has exceeded the expectations of practitioners of mobile marketing, especially the ones who benefit from the development of mobile technology. Better and larger touch screen capability, speed, and image definition are generating better and greater interaction and experience between user and brand.

Hunt Mobile Ads mid-year study on South American rich media campaigns reports greater and better brand recall as new devices accommodate better display of content. Taking into account the click-though rate (CTR) average, rich media mobile advertising campaigns generate three times higher engagement than traditional banner campaigns. Data found 30 percent more users remembered rich media than traditional banner ads.

The report identifies several causes for the rise in user engagement.

Benefits and Advantages of Rich Mobile Ads

  • Monetize to the maximum the investment from advertisers.
  • Generate greater engagement and brand recall.
  • Increase significantly the intention to purchase products or services.
  • Increased interaction between the brand and the users.
  • Take advantage of the potential of new mobile technologies.
  • More dynamic, interactive, eye-catching and creative ads.
  • It is highly required by users.