Publishers: Benefit from our experience

Publishers: Benefit from our experience

We’ve invested years into our suite of advertising technology products, applications and services so you can reap the benefits of increased revenue and decreased headaches.



Contango supports publishers with a technology platform for aggregating and managing demand partnerships (i.e. SSPs, Exchanges, Networks, DSPs, and advertisers direct) in real time (analytics, reporting, and decisioning). By unifying demand and eliminating the inefficiencies of the daisy chain, Contango ensures that every impression is sold at its highest possible value.


SmartWrapper, a major feature of Contango, was launched in July 2015 and is seeing great publisher traction. As a software tool that publishers can easily implement, SmartWrapper is drawing a lot of interest from top comScore publishers wrestling with how to scale and maximize Header Bidding partnerships.

High-Yield Network

Our team of engineers has built a meta-exchange, a powerful ad-serving application that constantly learns, assesses and optimizes a broad range of top-tier advertisers. With each individual impression, and a ton of programming code, we work hard to completely fill each piece of real estate with the highest bidder.

What publishers are saying

icon_quote2“Contango’s SmartWrapper gives us much needed visibility and control over our Header Bidding partnerships while decreasing page load time, increasing overall inventory, and ensuring a positive user experience. The platform solves for the lack of transparency of how these partners perform by providing in-depth partner level reporting including bidding, winning, and response rates which makes it easier to maximize the value of each relationship. We also saw a 12% improvement in page load time from the moment we began using them.”
~ Steve Rubinstein, Topix

icon_quote2“The guys at Technorati have been exceptionally responsive, keeping me informed about prospective campaigns, providing reliable reporting, and quickly responding to the occasional ad support issue. Advertising relevance on my sites is also better than many other networks I’ve worked with, which results in better revenue and user experience on my sites. They also pay publishers consistently and reliably, which can’t be said for every ad network out there.”
~ Paul Strauss, Technabob & The Awesomer