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Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are the new rock stars [Infographic]

When The Social Network hit movie theaters entrepreneurs and startup founds from around the world smiled. Hollywood was finally showing some interest in the culture, and then HBO announced that they had a show in the works that revolved around a new startup. Well, they hit a home run with Silicon Valley, as season one followed a great cast of characters as they pitched their compression software.

Some may say, “That show isn’t a true reflection of how it really is,” and that is fine. It is for entertainment, so no need to totally rip it apart.

Are Silicon Valley entrepreneurs the new rock stars? I thought it would be fun to compare the characters from Silicon Valley to the characters from HBO’s previous monster hit, Entourage. This resulted in the infographic below.

If you haven’t checked out Silicon Valley yet, give it a try. The first season consists of eight episodes, and I highly recommend them for a great laugh.

Do you think entrepreneurs and startup founders are the new rock stars?

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Are The New Rock Stars [Infographic]
Infographic by: Market Domination Media

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    Awesome Infographic … Totally Agree