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Building a Content Marketing Toolbox for Non-Profits

Author: Don Martelli
Published: August 13, 2012 at 4:54 am

Pick a charity, any charity. They are all struggling with the same thing. They need donations and the support of the community in order to do what they do best – help others in need.

These days, you can find a cause for each and every issue or concern.  With so many worthy causes, it's difficult for those managing the communications or marketing campaigns for nonprofits to cut through the noise, get noticed, and raise funds to meet or exceed their goals. Simply put, the competition for creating awareness and action is tough.

However, all is not lost. Digital content and social networks provide much needed channels to communicate, interact and "save the day." They provide a much needed, modern and effective foundation for any good cause marketing program, i.e. the Content Marketing Toolbox.

The first question is always, "Where do I to start?"

Many would begin with channels. My advice? Don't do that. Instead, start with the people you are trying to reach.

Where do they communicate and "play" online? Where do the conversations that are relevant to your cause happen? Which networks seem to be the most utilized? What's the tone of the conversation? What are the nuances of those conversations?

Once you drill down into some of these questions (and others that are specific to your nonprofit's cause) and do some research, it's time to deploying your messages across an array of social platforms. 

Start with Facebook. It's currently the #1 social networking site–providing the largest opportunity for an audience. Creating Facebook Groups (public or private) or Pages are a great way to build community and provide a destination for people concerned with your cause. They allow your target audience to engage with the organization about the issues as well as with each other in a manner that they are comfortable with. With privacy controls, you are also empowered able to manage who can see particular content (status updates, photos, etc.) or commenting.  Definitely a help for causes or issues that bring up intense emotions.  Additionally, Facebook gives you an opportunity to use a soft sell when requesting help or donations.

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