Burger King Twitter Hacked!

Author: Dan Reyes
Published: February 19, 2013 at 10:40 am

Food chain Burger King is the latest victim of a hack by the hacktivist group Anonymous, according to Time Magazine news report. What happened was, a Burger King photo was switched with a McDonalds photo, giving people the impression that Burger King became a part of the McDonalds company.

Bryson Thornton, a spokesperson for Burger King in a statement said “Earlier today, our official BK Twitter Account was compromised by unauthorized users.” “Upon learning of this incident, our social media team began working with Twitter security administrators to suspend the compromised account until we could reestablish our brand’s official Twitter page."

Thornton went on further to say “We apologize to our loyal fans and followers, whom might have received unauthorized tweets from our account." Later on after the cyber attack incident, Thornton tweeted again saying "We are pleased to announce that the account is now active again.”

Business Insider posted on their site some of the inappropriate words that Thornton was probably referring to, hence the apology. You can check out those rather offensive and inappropriate tweets here.

Meanwhile, McDonalds also issued its own tweet saying they had nothing to do with the attack, saying “We empathize with our @BurgerKing counterparts. Rest assured, we had nothing to do with the hacking.”

The only thing that comes out good of this short-lived “BK whopper” Twitter mess, if you could say that, was a report that Burger King apparently gained about 30,000 new followers on Twitter after the hacking incident.

The Burger King hack attack happened yesterday while the United States was celebrating its annual President's Day event.


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