Case Study: Anatomy of a Successful Social Media Sweepstakes Campaign

Author: Andre Bourque
Published: December 05, 2013 at 9:26 pm
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Online brands and retailers are struggling to increase online conversions and turn social engagement into red-hot sales. ReadyPulse enables brands and retailers to take their most effective and under leveraged marketing asset (positive customer photos, videos, testimonials) and dynamically display in content of commerce experiences.

I met with ReadyPulse CEO, Dennis O'Malley earlier this year when his team presented at TechCrunch Disrupt. "As a SaaS platform, we've developed a patented technology that identifies the best content from the best customers, enabling automated moderation," he explains. "In addition we support omni-channel commerce displaying our content online, in emails, in social, in stores, and as rich media ads."

But his secret sauce? Brand ambassadors. ReadyPulse's business module that enables brands to effectively scale campaigns directly to their best customers and advocates. "We started off as an analytics company," O'Malley recalls, "and our first customer said, 'Hey if you are telling me who my best customers are and what their best content is, take it out of social and put it where it matters the most - where consumers are researching and buying.'." And the company's approach rolls-out in four steps:

  1. Collect new and existing user content from your corporate social pages
  2. Score content and audience to surface testimonials and advocates
  3. Curate with widgets for automated moderation, based on your marketing campaign
  4. Display user content across all your social and digital channels

So that's what ReadyPulse does, and a recent case study corroborates it.

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