Dick Figures: The Movie

Author: Curtis Silver
Published: July 30, 2013 at 8:07 am

If you've never seen the popular YouTube animated series Dick Figures then you should probably go click over there and get a quick refresher course on one of the funniest animated series out there. Last summer, the series set the record for the biggest animated fund raising project on Kickstarter. With over 350 million YouTube views and $300,000 in Kickstarter cash, the creators of Dick Figures set out to make a movie. That's right, a movie starring animated stick figures.

Creators Ed Skudder and Zack Keller turned to Los Angeles based Six Point Harness to assist with production. Distribution is under the Mondo Media banner, which you may remember as the studio behind Happy Tree Friends. YouTube/Google, Cinedigm and digital video-on-demand service Yekra have been tapped to handle the release of the movie. Check out the epic trailer for the movie below:

The 73-minute film opens via full internet and digital distribution on September 17th, 2013. You really can't miss it considering all the distribution channels. This marks a new age in digital video and how films are funded and distributed. While many Hollywood movies are opening via video-on-demand prior to the theaters, with crowdfunding more independent artists and filmmakers are finding it easier to not only fund their projects, but distribute them as well. Dick Figures marks a new age in movie distribution. Go ahead and ponder that for a while.


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