Do You Have Enough Social Media Klout?

Author: Tim Gibbon
Published: April 27, 2012 at 5:53 am

There’s no doubt that having a strong understanding of social media is increasingly important, even critical for many careers these days. But is your own social presence and graph up to the scrutiny of employers? Wired article highlighted how an individual interviewed for a VP position at a Toronto marketing agency was unsuccessful when he wasn’t able to explain what Klout was and subsequently returned a poor score with the social profiling site. It has caused debate in the marketing industry, but has further repercussions as recruitment and other professionals seek to use social media measurement to place what they deem the perfect candidate.

It’s obvious how services like Klout may be used (particularly in the advertising, marketing and PR sectors) to source digitally high net worth people for careers and campaigns, but it won’t stop there. As the importance of social connections within digital environments becomes more realized, business owners have caught onto how networking online is just as important as offline, if not more so. The application of a services like Klout could be infinite and its impact great, hence the heated debate.

Employers will naturally gravitate to what are perceived as influential and powerful individuals, but are they reading between the lines? When the emphasis is about the volume of followers and fans is everything, rather than conversation and how followers are amassed (e.g. a mass follow to be followed strategy), you have to wonder. Shouldn’t the focus instead be on if and how the individual can create strong social channels for clients or brand rather than themselves? You could argue that a marketer at this level should be more in tune with that is transpiring within their own industry and at least have a basic understanding of what is shaping it (whether these services are worshiped or not). You have to wonder if the recruiter didn’t see they had other attributes to offer?

Researching, using and obviously understanding Klout isn’t a bad thing, especially as the popularity and usefulness of it grows. However, it needs to balanced with realism that it has positive aspects as well as flaws, as raised over at Forbes and why we shouldn’t be so hung up on it. After all with similar services such as Kred and Peer Index to consider, there needs to be a better understanding of how social scores are collated, crunched and presented. Indeed, the positive or negative impact of them.

The question is, whether this marketer has now checked out Klout and are they succumbing to what could be an unhealthy trend?


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