European Union Decides Filtered Content to be Compliant, Unyielding

Author: Lisa Stephens
Published: February 21, 2012 at 2:42 pm


The European Union's General Court ruled in favor of open acknowledgment in source attribution for content exposure on independent web page profiles under hosted networking socially-unrestricted internet websites.

In a case brought to impose mandatory filtering of content, the court found that the obligation would require the installation of cost-prohibitive filtering equipment which would have the ability to restrict growth. The court maintained that this “would result in a serious infringement of (the company's) freedom to conduct its business."

Regarding the decision to allow sites to operate as specified under general guidelines of use, unenforced by the requirement to regulate responsible use of potentially "squatted on" content, which may be owned, "The court was clear that, in these circumstances, freedom to operate the sites’ businesses and users’ freedom to receive information trumps the claims of rights owners to have infringements blocked,” Adam Rendle, a copyright lawyer at the law firm Taylor Wessing.

It is currently a user responsibility to maintain the accuracy of ownership and to purchase rights as dictated by content resource.

The European Commission acknowledged the ruling as welcome, “particularly the confirmation of the prohibition ... imposing a general obligation of monitoring on online intermediaries."

Piracy is illegal, stealing is sinful... does anyone really need to tell you that?


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