Facebook App Wants to Help Blame Friends for Your Flu

Author: Steve Woods
Published: January 08, 2013 at 5:45 am

Personal health remedy company Help is well-known for quirky yet straightforward products, as well as interesting media campaigns.

Whether you have a headache, a cut, can't fall asleep or suffer from a variety of other ailments, Help has a simply made product or kit to help. Last March I covered Help's campaign to combine its simple bandaids with bone marrow donor sample kits, in an effort to help those waiting on donor lists.

With flu season in full swing, Help has taken to Facebook with an app guaranteed to provide a little comic relief to those affected - snuffling, sneezing and generally wanting to sleep for the next 3-5 days. Called Help, I Have the Flu, the tongue-in-cheek app is designed to cull through your Facebook friends' posts for relationship to you, hometown location, and key flu-related terms like sick, sore, hurting, coughing, throwing up, tired, flu and others. Once it's done gathering up the almost-dead, it provides you a list of which of your Facebook friends may be suffering from the seasonal bug.

Help I Have the Flu starts with two choices: either to let the app know you don't have the flu, or the option to find out which of your friends on Facebook may've given you the evil bug. Tell the app you indeed are suffering, and it sneaks a peek at your closest friends' information.

After a few seconds, I received a list that included my wife as prime suspect, as well as a few real-life friends who all live either in the same city or neighboring towns. Makes sense.

Clicking on the Quarantine button provides a status update you can send that will tell the "culprit" you won't be hanging around with them much for awhile. I suppose I ought not to send that one to my wife...

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