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Google Comment System Launch To Battle Facebook

Author: Reed Sanders
Published: March 28, 2012 at 10:14 am

After the great start to Google+ in the social media and networking realm, a fire got lit in Facebooks development pants. Since then, it seems Facebook has been on a mission to ensure they don't let competitors try to steal their existing 'Mojo' by putting out features they didn't think to develop for their users. Google+ since has slowed down dramatically, while Facebook roars ahead once again, leaving Google+ behind to suck their wake.

I was a fan of Google+ when it first arrived, seeing it as a new opportunity to keep social networking simple and easy to use. There are parts of it I still use, like the instant upload for pictures taken from my mobile devices. Other than though, Facebook is still supreme, and I rarely check my Google+ feeds anymore. "Why?", you may ask. It's simple. What's the point of social networking when there isn't anyone to be social with. Everyone is still on Facebook.

This begs the question then, back to the purpose of this news article, why would Google try to oust Facebook again after being so brutally defeated with Google+? For some reason, the folks at Mountain View in Google HQ seems to think that they have a better way to do comments. They plan on launching a third party commenting system that will integrate with many existing social platforms we already use. Does this mean that they are accepting the failure of Google+ and finding ways to grab users within other ecosystems? Possibly, which is what they should have done from the start.

The new comment system is reportedly built to include Google+, Google Search and other web services in Google's back pocket. This may be the new strategy to get people interested in Google+ again, though it's a slick and tricky way to go about it.

Source - Tech-WD, TheNextWeb


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