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Google Launches G+ Sign-in

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: February 27, 2013 at 8:40 am

Despite being branded a ghost town last year, Google+ continue to add new features that they hope will convert people into regular users of the service.  In December they launched new communities to provide similar group functionality as Facebook and LinkedIn.

This week they have announced the launch of a G+ sign-in facility.  The new feature allows people to sign in to their app or website using their Google+ account, thus bringing all of their G+ profile information with them.

google plus sign in 

To begin with, Google are focusing on four key principles for the service:

  1. Simplicity and security come first
  2. Desktop and mobile working together
  3. Selective sharing rather than scattergun spamming
  4. Sharing means inviting contacts to engage rather than simply consume

They believe that including Google+ Sign-In to your app is easy and straightforward, with developer documentation helping people get started.  Developers can also see live stats pretty much straight away.

Android apps will require the latest version of Google Play Services, which is rolling out to all devices in the next day or so.

To see what other developers are doing with Google+ Sign-In, just visit any of the following sites, and look for the new "Sign in with Google" button (also rolling out gradually):



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