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Google Searches now Encrypted?

Author: martin ebongue
Published: October 19, 2011 at 6:34 am

On October 18th, Google announced that from now on, all the users logged in to Google, shall be redirected to Google secure search.

This means that Google will use encryption for searches that users perform when they are logged in to Google. SSL (Secure socket Layer) shall be used for encryption. Google’s secure version was launched long back, as far as last year. But this implementation for signed in users shall start now.

So how does this whole thing work?

When a user logged in to Google types in a search query, Google uses a secure (encrypted) channel to return the search query results. In simple terms, Google and you are the only people who know what you searched for, and this information cannot be decoded by any intermediate third parties who intercept the connection, like the ISP’s and network administrators.

What are the benefits as seen by Google?


Here’s how this little change will look. There no difference in the user interface but a little “s” https://www.Google.com

 secure Google

Some facts about the change

  • SSL encryption is only for signed in users.
  • Referrer data, which browsers report, about the links users clicked, will now be blocked. This data is used by website owners to check who visited their site and from where!
  • Referrer blocking is not done for users clicking on Ads. The advertisers can get data of who’s clicking and from where! This is done with the understanding that advertisers need to analyze their ad campaigns.

What is the impact on SEO?

There have been lots and lots of heated discussions in the SEO world regarding this change.

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