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Hangouts On Air: Google+ Just Rolled Out Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Author: Steve Woods
Published: May 07, 2012 at 11:12 am

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

In an introspective-extroverted iPerson age of inwardly caressing status updates and look-what-I'm-doing-now image streams, Andy Warhol's famous 1968 quote continues to unwittingly guide the direction of social sharing. With today's new feature roll-out, Google's Plus network has albeit made Warhol's dream (or our nightmare) a reality.

Provided a year ago to a limited number of participants, Google+ rolled out its social-enhanced video conferencing feature in a much more broad form, known as Hangouts On Air. This beefed-up version of the popular social video sharing system allowed users to broadcast their lives well beyond the initial 10 person limit - in fact, to the whole wide world.

Today, Google has released Hangouts On Air to the masses, allowing anyone with a Plus account to choose to either share a Hangout with a few close friends, or with anyone who cares to watch them bake a cake, plant a garden, talk about their business, or teach their dog new tricks.

Google's product integration has not been forgotten, either. Broadcast your band's local concert on Hangouts on Air, and expect the system to save the broadcast to your YouTube account, so the band's growing list of fans can make comments on the video for months to come.

Whether or not this leads to your 15 (or much more) minutes of fame is entirely up to your skill-set, willingness to be seen by anyone online, and desire to apply yourself in an entertaining fashion. Whereas previously you could share how to make a souffle in a small Hangout, now you can venture an actual live broadcast schedule, and use Google+ to entice millions of viewers to tune into next week's flan demonstration. It's all up to you.

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