I Can Haz My Own Social Network?

Author: Steve Woods
Published: January 04, 2013 at 6:42 am

One of the first things I look for to see if a burgeoning, new social network is going to succeed, is the cat photos. Lounging, playing, or being cast in a million different roles on posters based on a captured pose. Once the cat people latch on to a social sharing platform, it's bound to grow.

Let's face it - cats are cute. They embody the playful freedom we all want for ourselves, and live vicariously through our feline friends. When that status update window is staring at us, daring us to report what we have had for lunch, the funny cat photo is always a safer bet.

Matthew Phiong and Koekoe Loo Wan Koe have seen the strength of cat-sharing, and have invested some time in effort in the creation of the first social network devoted to cat lovers sharing their favorite creatures.

Catmoji is basically a Pinterest morphling, as many new sharing sites are, based on the continued popularity of the pic-based sharing network. And like Pinterest's earliest days, you must get an invite from a current user or from Catmoji to join up and share your frolicking kitties.

There are also categories for content, although I think it's a little stunted, given the wide range of emotional capability of a given cat photo. There's cute, funny, happy, sad and surprise. Sadly, I didn't see grumpy or Jedi...

I'm sure as Catmoji grows, there will be demand for a far greater variety of ways to categorize our cat-based emotional extensions.

It would see that Catmoji's popularity is booming to some extent, as since Mashable highlighted them yesterday, their site has severely slowed down - a victim of their own success. They'll need to get on that as soon as possible, or they may wind up going down the path of many would-be niche networks. Hopefully, the bandwidth will appear - Hell hath no fury like a lover of cats denied a sharing opportunity.


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