I Can Haz Retweet? Twitter Now Speaks LOLCat

Author: Steve Woods
Published: February 08, 2013 at 7:16 pm

Earlier today, Twitter snuck in a tweet on its official account that kitteh fanz everywhere will love. Well, at least for awhile.

On top of Filipino, Arabic, Italian, Thai, Urdu and a host of other languages, Twitter is beta testing its interface translated in the playfully demanding tongue of our feline friends.

Yes, LOLCats. Why not, they've pretty much taken over every other corner of the Internet, and now even America's favorite board game.

To make the change-over (and I know you want to), visit your Twitter settings, and choose the Language drop-down. Or Languuj in LOLCat speak. Make the change, type in your password, and off you go.

Although Twitter isn't smart enough to translate your actual tweets into I Can Haz-ish, the interface itself has a few gems strewn about to cause a smile while tweeting.

Should you wish to actually have your tweets translated to Kitteh Speak, you can always visit SpeakLOLCat.com and complete the package deal.


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