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Author: Tim Gibbon
Published: March 12, 2012 at 8:32 pm

Infographics and data visualizations have been with us for many a year, but something quite interesting happened when hit the scene, using social media acting as a catalyst., a data visualization and infographic directory launched in July 2011 (with $4.4 million funds under its belt so far according to TechCrunch, stole the graphic info thunder from many similar other resources and blogs.

Infographics and the data they communicate suddenly became a little bit cooler, and infinitely more shareable. Other infographic blogs, sites and resources have been around for quite some time, celebrating the use and presentation of data and information in more digestible visual formats, but the ante was raised as became more popular.

There are great examples of visualizations out there, including many suspect ones that purists would frown upon, but it’s undeniable how infographics have breathed life into how marketing messages, products and/or services may be communicated for many brands. Bloggers and media have embraced them with open arms, making it hard to remember what it was like without them to brighten up content. proudly shares how users will soon be able to create their own infographics using its Create tool, something many have been waiting for with bated breath. Create homepage image

Many will be looking to find out how the tool uses data and matches it to themes, and just how flexible the new tool will be. Infographics share research and analysis, but given how the raw data can vary and how complex that can become, it will be interesting to see how different infographics made with Create will look. Will the tool produce template designs, or offer enough differentiators so infographics don’t look like a factory line output? states that its tool will allow for users to create infographics people will want to share digitally and hang on walls, but will automatically generated infographics lack the flair and personality that specifically created designs offer and need? hopes to include additional data feeds, designs, stories and themes in other verticals (e.g., sports, politics, economics, food and more). claims their new info tool will be opened up to its community, enabling users to create their own designs and themes more easily. Automation is useful when applied correctly and in the right circumstances. Is this where designers and infographics creators can set themselves apart, by offering what automation cannot?


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