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Is a Google+ Profile Going to be Essential to Future Job Searches?

Author: Adi Gaskell
Published: January 22, 2013 at 7:46 am

google+ jobs boardDespite heavy promotion, Google+ has you suspect not delivered the results hoped for by Google (yet).  They do appear however to be making some changes that could see your Google+ profile proving fundamental to your job search.

They have updated their company job board so as to support Google+ profiles.  This allows users to not only see more relevant search results, but to star jobs they want to save.

The update seems to suggest that Google are planning a push into the job market.  This isn't a huge surprise, as both recruiters and candidates have long used social profiles to promote themselves online.

As with other promotions of Google+, those using the Google jobs board will having Google+ profiles pushed hard at them.  Users are prompted to connect their profile with the job board.  Then, depending on what you've included in your profile, your search results will be tailored accordingly.

The key feature is the one click application though.  This allows you to apply using just the information on your Google+ profile.  It's similar to how you can apply for LinkedIn jobs using your LinkedIn profile.

As additional functionality for a job search it's quite a nice feature and one that I can certainly see being useful in the wider market.  Of course, it might be that Google decide to keep this as an in-house project, but it wouldn't surprise me if you didn't start seeing Google+ coming to job boards near you.


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