Klout Adds Bing and Instagram to its Social Measurement Tool

Author: Tim Gibbon
Published: April 03, 2013 at 12:38 pm

From its blog post Klout explains how users can now connect their accounts to Bing thanks to a partnership with the search engine’s parent company Microsoft last autumn. Bing’s search data will be integrated into Klout’s algorithm with the search results eventually being factored into each user’s Klout Score. This is the first time Klout has used search as a measure of influence.

Using actor and director Ben Affleck’s image to demonstrate how the social influence scores appear, Klout goes on to describe how Bing displays Klout Scores for high-profile professionals and influencers within social networks or on the web within the search results without having to leave the page. Another image also available at the Bing blog shows Bing and Klout Score person imagehow results of people look with LinkedIn publicly available information with links to Facebook and Twitter. In doing so, the two services hope to show how celebrities, professionals and other people that they deem influential are seen as experts within digital environments. Bing is currently still in beta and at the time of testing, results could not be replicated (at least from the UK).

Cofounded by Mike Krieger Kevin Systrom in October 2010 and now owned by Facebook, Instagram’s reputation scores have also been added to Klout.
Klout advised in an email that approximately one day after connecting to Instagram, users activity with the photo social network will be included their Klout dashboard. In addition this, influencer results would be included into the Klout Score along with best photos appearing as moments on their profiles.

Last month, the social measurement tool released Klout for Business stating that the service will help business owners understand how users are interacting with their brand. With a new dashboard Klout for Business claims to reach over 70% of digital influencers, helping agencies and brands connect with their audiences and circumvent the current advertising approach in building relationships.

Instagram is reported to have 100 million registered users (and around 90 million monthly active users) as of January 2013. Bing launched in June 2009.

In April 2012, as covered on Technorati, Klout raised a few digital eyebrows when its scoring system was used in turning down a senior marketing applicant that was not aware of the service.


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