Klout Scores Big with 400 Signals on 7 Networks

Author: Gina Carr
Published: August 17, 2012 at 8:33 am

If a picture tells a thousand words, can a video tell 12 billion?

No, but Klout is now counting 12 billion (with a B!) data points: 400 signals over 7 networks! I was impressed with their previous number: 1 billion.

And, this short video featuring Joe Fernandez goes a long way towards positioning Klout as a kinder, friendlier, more communicative social scoring service.

The Klout haters are going to have a lot less to hate.

This video does an awesome job of allowing us to get to know Joe and his team of "scientists" that dissect, analyze, and categorize your Facebook likes and Twitter tweets.

I am impressed with how low-tech and "friendly" this video is. It is great to see inside the Klout offices and to really get a feel for what goes on "behind the curtain."

Fernandez says that your Klout profile is going to become a "social resume" - showing who you are and the things you are passionate about. That is fantastic!

I can't wait to see Klout Moments where we will be able to see exactly which posts give us the most Klout juice.

I'm very excited about the new and improved Klout. I give them a A in communicating their changes with this update. I think this video and their additional announcements go a long way to positioning them as a reliable, trustworthy, credible social scoring service.

This is in dramatic contrast to the October 2011 update when users had no notice and were shocked by the dramatic changes.

Good job, Joe & the Klout team! I look forward to watching Klout continue to score!

You can learn more at discover.klout.com.


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